Light Duty Towing

Breaking down on the side of the road can be a major stressor, especially when you’re pressed for time or behind schedule.

No Hidden Fees or Middleman Costs

Why are G.S. California Towing’s fees more reasonable and affordable? Simple: we operate without opportunistic middlemen or greedy brokers. When you place an order for a tow or roadside service, G.S. California Towing displays the cost upfront, so you know exactly what you’ll be charged. All prices are straightforward—no hidden fees ever!

Our Towing Services

Emergency 24-Hour Towing Service

Available around the clock to ensure you’re never left stranded.

Local & Long-Distance Towing

No matter how far you need to go, we’ve got you covered.
Wheel Lift Towing

Perfect for situations where your car keys are lost, or your vehicle is stuck in a tight spot. By lifting two wheels off the ground, we can tow your vehicle easily and safely.

Flatbed Towing

Ideal for low clearance cars, classic cars, sport vehicles, or 4×4 trucks. Our flatbeds offer a safe and secure towing method.

Exotic Car Towing

Don’t trust your precious vehicle to novice towing services. Expect the best from those who share your passion for sports cars.

Winch-Out Rescue

If your vehicle has skidded off the roadway and is stuck in a ditch, worry not. Our drivers are armed with the right equipment to pull you out of trouble anytime.

Motorcycle Towing

Roaming down the highway is no fun when your bike breaks down. G.S. California Towing uses an easier and safer loading method for motorcycles. We drive your motorcycle onto the trailer, eliminating the need for difficult tilt beds or dangerous loading ramps. Our motorcycle trailers drop completely to ground level for secure towing.

Did you know motorcycle towing is entirely different from regular towing? Various tools and equipment are required. Ensure you hire a professional who understands this distinction; otherwise, you risk your bike being damaged by someone who doesn’t know how to care for it properly.