Heavy-Duty Recovery Services

G.S. California Towing’s advanced heavy-duty fleet features a 50-ton rotator equipped with a side-rotating boom, enabling our operators to recover heavy vehicles and equipment with minimal lane obstruction. Additionally, our fleet includes a 50-Ton Tow truck unit and a 35-Ton Tow Truck recovery unit. These capabilities ensure that we can efficiently tow and recover any heavy vehicle, whether stranded on the roadside or overturned on a busy interstate. Our expertise extends to handling 18-wheelers, cement mixers, and buses, addressing each situation with professionalism.

Our rotator’s advanced lifting capability allows us to relocate vehicles and equipment on-site or load them onto our Heavy-Duty Landoll trailer for transport. We also offer comprehensive heavy equipment hauling services, including transportation of construction equipment, buses, RVs, motor coaches, generators, industrial forklifts. Utilizing our Landoll Trailer no project is too large or complex for our skilled operators.